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Amazing Use of Dust Cleaner for Home in Life

Is your vacuum cleaner still working for one purpose? Have you ever thought about its multi-purpose function? Today, let's brainstorm about the magical use of dust cleaners for home in life.

I.  Application of dust cleaner for home in life

1.  A storage space saving helper

You can buy a bag with air holes and put some items with high expansion, such as down jacket and quilt. Then prepare a dust cleaner for home and gently suck in the air hole of the bag to quickly exhaust the air, which can save storage space.

2. Bedding dust removal

Generally, when buying a dust cleaner for home, it will be equipped with multiple sockets. The flat socket can be used to remove dust from the bed and bedding.

3. Clean the gap

Dust will accumulate in the floor gap, the slide of wardrobe door and window after use for a period of time. In particular, the dust in the slideway shall be cleaned in time for wardrobe doors, windows and doors. Cleaning with a small suction head of a dust cleaner for home is also a small way to maintain furniture.

4. Find small items

What should we do when some small and hard to find things in life fall to the ground? In particular, needles, small phone cards, earrings, etc. are very difficult to find when they fall to the ground. Then the dust cleaner for home can come in handy.

But before it is used, you should cover it with a silk stocking at the suction port, and then turn on the dust cleaner for home button to start searching for the lost things.

II. How to use dust cleaner for home correctly

1. Before use, check whether the power supply voltage at the place of use is consistent with the rated voltage marked on the dust cleaner for home

2. If the dust cleaner for home has a ground wire, it should be connected before use.

3. Before use, the large dirt and paper pieces in the cleaned place shall be removed to prevent the domestic vacuum cleaner from being blocked by the air inlet or dust channel in the suction pipe during operation, so that the vacuum cleaner can work normally.

4. General dry vacuum cleaners for home are not allowed to absorb wet soil or sewage to avoid damaging the motor.

5. Dust cleaner for homes shall not be in continuous working state for a long time, generally not more than 2 hours, otherwise the service life will be affected.

6. Once foreign matters are found blocking the straw during use, it shall be stopped immediately. Remove foreign matters before continuing to use, otherwise the motor will be burned.

7. The ash storage box (or dust bag) of the dust cleaner for home shall be cleaned frequently, otherwise the dust collection efficiency of the dust cleaner for home will be reduced.

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