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Cleaning Robot Breakdown Maintenance and Solutions

With the development of science and technology, people have discovered many small home appliances around us in recent years. Compared with traditional TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines, they have brought us great convenience. Compared with the new smart home appliances, they have also helped us. Although the penetration rate is not high, with the development of smart homes and the improvement of artificial intelligence technology, they will become indispensable right-hand assistants in the family. Cleaning robots are a vital member of the clean environment. To free hands and feet, they will continue to improve. So, what are the troubleshooting and solutions for the cleaning robot? Let's take a look!

What are the fault maintenance and solutions for smart cleaning robots?

The increasing variety of appliances also poses another problem. That is, our maintenance costs will rise, the manufacturer is accepting the after-sales service of the late warranty. But sometimes it will be used as soon as possible or too much warranty, the cost of the repairman is generally not cheap. So, it becomes necessary to troubleshoot small faults and small problems.

Ⅰ. The smart cleaning robot suddenly stopped during the operation

1. Check whether the power of the machine is exhausted, and it will automatically shut down when the power is exhausted. At this time, manual charging is required.

2. Check whether the smart cleaning robot is working in fixed-point mode. After 10 minutes in fixed-point mode, the machine will stop working and will be used again later.

Ⅱ. Prevent the smart cleaning robot from falling or not working

1. Confirm that the height of the step is above 8CM. Otherwise, it may affect its action, indicating that it is not a malfunction.

2. Secondly, where the sensor at the bottom of the machine is not dirty, there are shields, the machine part becomes smooth, and the light is strong, the function of preventing the smart cleaning robot from tipping over may deteriorate, so please control the brightness of the light.

3. Also, please do not accumulate fragile items on the floor or under the steps. The machine should not work under strong sunlight or cleaning. Please do not let the device fall with a small probability due to the influence of the environment.

Ⅲ. Smart cleaning robot can't be charged after a long time storage

After the machine has been left for more than a month, it cannot be powered on. Charge the main unit. The green color disappears soon, and the notification is fully charged. As soon as the smart cleaning robot works, it will run out of power.

1. Use the adapter to charge the host directly. Even if the green disappears, it will take 1 hour to charge. Use a small battery to charge and activate the battery in this case. After one hour, the machine stops charging for one minute.

2. If you recharge the smart cleaning robot host, it can be charged normally. If it still does not work, replenish it for another hour, activate the battery again, and repeat three times to activate it and return to normal fully.

The above is the maintenance and solution of the smart cleaning robot fault. These fault diagnoses and self-repair are relatively easy. If we know this, we can save a lot of maintenance costs. If the intelligent cleaning robot has a serious fault, it is recommended to go to the manufacturer's fixed repair shop. 

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