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Cleaning Robot Will Become the Industry Development Trend

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, cleaning robots urgently need to respond to the needs of society for increasingly refined and professional cleaning work in the cleaning industry.

The "popular tactic" based on hiring cheap labor is no longer suitable for the cleaning industry. The workload of the cleaning industry is increasing exponentially, and the requirements for quality of work are getting higher and higher. It is a cleaning robot with more workforce optimization and refined operation advantages.

Ⅰ. Industry development trend of smart cleaning robots

At present, commercial cleaning robots on the market integrate many cutting-edge technologies, such as laser radar, depth camera, ultrasonic radar, infrared sensor, collision sensor, liquid level sensor, WIFI, 4G, GPS, etc.

These technologies ensure that the cleaning robot can clean the ground accurately and stably in different application scenarios.

The washing machine is connected to the Internet of Things. A form can be automatically generated for the washing machine to use and uploaded to the cleaning management system of the Internet of Things.

The system can remotely access and monitor each piece of cleaning equipment for 24 hours. The cleaning robot includes equipment working hours, working area, equipment number and location, operators, fault records, maintenance records, remaining power, etc.

And summarize and analyze these data, and form a report to improve the efficiency of cleaning management.

The future of wisdom and cleanliness gradually became clear. The era of intelligence that we advocate is coming, which means cleaning robots will usher in a broader world.

As a practitioner in the cleaning industry, how to embrace smart cleaning and achieve breakthroughs in the industry model requires visionary wisdom and the courage to pioneer and innovate.

Ⅱ. Advantages of smart cleaning robot

The smart cleaning robot is a kind of intelligent obstacle avoidance wheel robot that is different from the intelligent vacuum cleaner on the market and is combined with the traditional vacuum cleaner. Compared with vacuum cleaners and smart vacuum cleaners on the market, smart cleaning robots have the following advantages:

1. It can adapt to complex terrain and climate environment, has a clean monitoring platform and diagnostic system, can remotely manage photovoltaic power plants, think intelligently, and improve the automation of power plants.No water is used for cleaning, and the cleaning speed is 20m/min. The smart cleaning robot can meet the cleaning problems of photovoltaic modules in large-area, long-distance, and multi-environment centralized photovoltaic power plants.The cleaning robot series centralized photovoltaic sewage cleaning robot realizes the cleaning work of front and back, high and low crossing, and long-distance crossing between parts.

2. Smart cleaning: Unlike the exaggerated smart vacuum cleaners on the market, smart cleaning robots can intelligently clean up garbage and easily give users a clean and tidy home environment.

3. Low noise: Compared with the high noise produced by traditional vacuum cleaners, the smart cleaning robot achieves low-noise work, with only a few decibels of noise at work, making the user's home cleaner without knowing it. There is no need to endure the noise caused by the vacuum cleaner when cleaning up the garbage.

4. Intelligent obstacle avoidance: Intelligent cleaning robots can automatically avoid obstacles when working, and the furniture at home is no longer an obstacle to cleaning up domestic garbage.

Regardless of the home's layout, the smart cleaning robot can easily avoid obstacles at work and clean any place where there are no obstacles. The user does not need to "care" during the work process.

The future of the cleaning industry lies in the mechanization and automation of cleaning. Intelligent cleaning robots are the epitome of the cleaning industry in the future. It also indicates that cleaning equipment will develop intelligence, environmental protection, and humanization.

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