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Common Problems and Treatment of Automatic Sweeper

The cleaning smart robot is a relatively common and practical machine among the current smart home appliances. To meet everyone's demand for the cleaning robot, the current cleaning smart robot can be said to be quite practical! Its main advantage may be its small size, so it can also be easily applied in some places that are not easy to clean. 

Not only young people like the self cleaning vacuum robot, it is also very suitable for old people who feel uncomfortable after bending over for a long time. But the cleaning smart robot will sometimes arrogantly give you a strike. Don't panic at that time. Try to analyze what cause it first, and check it yourself before you give it to repair. You can also refer to the following problems of the cleaning smart robot and the way to deal with them.

1. The cleaning smart robot can't be turned on

Diagnosis: you press the power button but can not start the robot and used normally.

Repairment: first, check for the reasons. One of the reasons is that the cleaning smart robot has been left for too long and the battery is dead. Try charging again. If it is not for this reason, check whether the battery cable and the connection cable of the face shell are loose. Frequent power on and off, damage to the power button, and broken main board can also cause the robot to fail to power on.

2. The brush of the cleaning smart robot can't work

Diagnosis: The main brush rotates, but the brushes on the sides does not rotate, or all of them do not rotate.

Repairment: There may be something entangled the main brush so it cannot rotate. The faulty main gearbox may cause that both main brush and brushes on the side fail to rotate, and it can be repaired as long as the main gearbox is replaced.

3. The  cleaning smart robot can't be turned off

Diagnosis: After turning on the machine, press the power button, but the robot cannot be turned off. In the meantime, the brush still rotates, and the cleaning smart robot works normally.

Repairment: If the power button is damaged, repair it in time; if the power button can be used normally, the main board may be broken. It is recommended to have a test and replace it if it is broken.

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