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Function Introduction and Analysis of Smart Window Cleaning Robot

Ⅰ. What is a smart window cleaning robot

Smart window cleaning robot is a kind of intelligent home appliances. It can firmly absorb onto the glass by its own vacuum pump or fan device at the bottom, and then automatically detect the edge distance of the window and plan window cleaning path with the help of certain artificial intelligence. The window cleaning robot will generally use its own strength of absorbing onto the glass in order to drive the rag at the bottom of the fuselage to wipe off the dirt on the glass.

Ⅱ. Functions of smart window cleaning robot

1. Clean inner window and external window together

The window cleaning robot can automatically clean windows all the way by one-key operation. When the work is done, the robot will return near the initial point where the user can get it easily.

2. Dry model and wet cleaning model

The window cleaning robot can work with cleaning solution to get rid of dust and stain. It can also wipe off dust directly without cleaning solution.

3. Set the best cleaning path

The window cleaning robot can automatically identify the window size and formulate the best cleaning path. It cleans evenly and saves manual labor.

Ⅱ. Advantages of automatic window cleaning equipment

1. Window cleaning robot is safe and convenient compared with manual labor.

2. Robot saves time and labor while cleaning the window.

3. Robot cleans windows more effectively and quickly than manual labor.

4. Window cleaning robot has multiple securities such as intelligent sensor of safety rope, not to break for frameless window, warning and so on.

Window cleaning robot forms deep identification of the complicated physical space by promoting environmental identification ability and optimizing map construction algorithm, in order to execute specific cleaning strategy and enhance its adaptability and cleaning ability in complicated environment. In special application scenes such as curtain wall of high buildings, pipes, medical institutes and so on, the particular structure is designed and artificial intelligence and automatic cleaning are optimized, so that window cleaning robot can finish work for human beings in special even dangerous environment.

Ⅲ. Advantage analysis of smart window cleaning robot

1. It has high efficiency. A smart window cleaning robot can take duties for several cleaners.

2. It can back to pile for automatic charging. When finishing the daily work, the smart window cleaning robot will automatically identify if the electric quantity for the next work is enough. If not, it will automatically identify the location of charging pile and return to the spile and charge automatically.

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