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How to Choose Intelligent Sweeping Robot? Look at These Features

Cleaning smart robots can help a lot in our lives. When we have our first cleaning smart robots, we often encounter such problems: how to choose cleaning smart robots. Before buying one, we should analyze some functions and parameters, so as to reduce the purchase of inappropriate and disliked products. Here is a detailed guide for purchasing a cleaning smart robot.

I. Coverage rate

It is the cleaning route that affects the coverage rate. There are two ways for the robots to clean:

1. Random way The robot cleans in an irregular way, and the robot changes its direction after collision. This cleaning route is inefficient, and the coverage is not comprehensive.

2. Planed way

Plan the cleaning route according to a certain rule, which has higher efficiency and more comprehensive coverage.

II. Navigation mode

The mainstream navigation modes of the cleaning smart robot on the market are divided into these two types:

1. Visual navigation

The image information is captured by the installed camera to obtain the location, direction and other environmental information of the robot, and the environmental model is established through data processing. The problem of visual positioning is also obvious. The use of visual ranging often causes the problem of position drift, and resulting in the false positioning. At the same time, visual navigation has relatively high requirements for light, unlike lidar, which does not require light. And its working efficiency will be greatly reduced at night.

2. Laser navigation

The principle of laser navigation in the wifi robot vacuum cleaner is to scan the entire room through laser ranging induction. When an obstacle is detected, the built-in sensor of the machine can build the room map according to the pixel number, and build the map in real time to locate the garbage and clean it. The ranging and positioning performance of the laser are more excellent. The laser robots can be called the most intelligent robots at present.

III. Dust collecting engine

The quality of the dust collecting engine directly for a robot vacuum carpet cleaner affects the ability of the cleaning smart robots to collect dust and garbage. Generally, good dust collecting engines have the characteristics of high speed, large suction, long service life and low noise. At present, the best engine used in cleaning smart robots is the Japanese NIDEC brushless engine, which is mostly used in some robots manufactured by internationally renowned brands.

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