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Introduction of Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Ⅰ. A hand stick vacuum cleaner works effectively

Along with temperature changing, more and more people are allergic due to pollen, dust and so on. Therefore, during allergy season, it is necessary to open window during daily household cleaning. Then how to clean in an effective way?

Though foreign goods such as vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots have strong cleaning ability undoubtedly, the elders are inclined to use traditional cleaning appliance, namely besom. However, a besom easily raises a dust during sweeping, which leads to secondary pollution. If people who do the housework has rhinitis or dust allergy, they must feel awful. Besides, a besom leaves dust and people have to bend to clean dead corners such as bottom of bed, sofa and so on, which brings troubles. But a hand stick vacuum cleaner is on the contrary.

Ⅱ. The advantages of a hand stick vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner becomes the one of popuar cleaning appliances not only for its convenient operation but also for its good experience.

Handheld cleaner of early generation is a product between ordinary household cleaner and portable cleaner. The weight of cleaner is a big problem, because most women do the housework. They cannot hold too heavy cleaner while a hand stick vacuum cleaner is light and handy, and easy to take. One of the most attributes of cleaners is power. The bigger the power is, the stronger the suction is.

Nowadays, when a hand stick vacuum cleaner starts, the motor drives impeller in a high-speed rotation and the sealed shell produces negative air pressure, and then the cleaner sucks in dust continuously. On such basis, a cordless vacuum cleaner can separate dust from air by high-speed rotation and multidimensional cyclone technology. High-speed rotation makes the suction much stronger, multidimensional cyclone technology makes a clear air flue and more continuous suction, and then centrifugal force separates dust from air and the dust drops into the dust net.

The effective dust removal ability of a hand stick vacuum cleaner comes from a motor in high-speed rotation. When the power is on, the fan blade on the spin axis brings suction and pressure by its high-strength speed, the air will be discharged rapidly under such effect, the inside of a hand stick vacuum cleaner creates a vacuum instantly and forms effect with external atmospheric pressure, and then the air is filtered and excluded by the engine body.

On the other hand, the sealing performance of a hand stick vacuum cleaner is particularly important, which will affect suction and secondary pollution. If the cleaner has bad seal, the air will leak under high-pressure vacuum and the suction will be not enough.

In general, the market of hand stick vacuum cleaners has vigorous vitality. The new functions and new technologies of various products add color to our simple lives. Please try to improve the life quality during busy life. Now let’s do a home clean-up effectively by a light hand stick vacuum cleaner.

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