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Notes on Household Vacuum Cleaner Purchase

Against the background of consumption upgrades, people have higher and higher standard for the quality of life. The newly improved cordless handheld stick vacuum cleaner has brought great convenience to people's lives with its remarkable performance, and has been highly praised and loved by people. It has become an indispensable dust removal tool for the life of more and more families.

Before we buy a cordless handled stick vacuum cleaner, what do we need to know and what details should we pay attention to? I bring you an ultimate guide to buying a vacuum cleaner, and I hope that it can help you buy a suitable vacuum cleaner.

I.  The vacuum cleaner should have strong suction capabilities

As we all know, suction is the primary factor in judging the usefulness of a vacuum cleaner. The level of suction strength depends first on the motor of the machine. On the market, handheld vacuum cleaner for home are mainly brushed motors and brushless motors. In comparison to each other, brushless motors have stronger suction and lower noise. I prefer to choose a vacuum cleaner with a brushless motor. And in the same cleaning condition, the suction efficiency of this type of vacuum cleaner is significantly higher than other vacuum cleaner products.

II. The vacuum cleaner should be equipped with diversified brush heads

A useful vacuum cleaner must not only be applied in the cleaning of the floor, but also it can clean carpets, table legs, cabinets, computers, ceilings and other different scenes (it would be better if it can also clean car seats and hair). In short, the more brush heads, the better, and the vacuum cleaner could be used more extensively.

III. The vacuum cleaner should be lighter

Many users, especially female users, pay special attention to the weight of the sweeper vacuum for hardwood floors. After all, a heavy vacuum cleaner is also a great burden for users who use it for a long time. A lighter professional vacuum cleaner will undoubtedly make users more labor-saving and reduce the burden on their arms during use.

IV. The vacuum cleaner should be retractable

The vacuum cleaner, which can only be used when you are standing, is not a good one If it adopts an upright design (it can stop whenever you want and place the machine upright to sort out the debris), and also has an adjustable telescopic extension tube, then it can be much easier for users when they are dusting. No matter it is on the ground or in high places, dust can be removed through the application of different brush heads and telescopic tubes, which can improve cleaning efficiency while reducing labor intensity.

V. The vacuum cleaner could be cleansed with water

The cleaning of the vacuum cleaner generally includes the cleaning of the dust box and the filter. They need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, otherwise the service life of the machine and the dust removal effect will be reduced. If both the dust box and the filter can be cleaned with water after being disassembled, it is very convenient for the user to clean.

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