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Performance Advantages of the Intelligent Sweeping Robot

1. Using an intelligent sweeping robot at home can clean the corners

The intelligent sweeping robot was invented by humans and a household appliance with a certain amount of artificial intelligence. The intelligent sweeping robot is still a machine after all. It works according to the set procedure and judges the cleanliness of the sweeping robot based on the cleaning coverage rate. At present, the cleaning coverage rate of intelligent sweeping robots is still very high.

Some small areas cannot be cleaned, and this is also the case. The biggest reason is related to the furnishings in the home. If you find a corner that cannot be cleaned when you first use it, you can appropriately adjust the placement of the furniture in the home to allow the sweeping robot to enter more flexibly. In this way, the cleaning coverage rate will be higher and the cleaning will be cleaner.

2. The cleaning area is too large, and the floor sweeping robot cannot clean it all at once

The floor sweeping robot uses a rechargeable lithium battery, which has a relatively large power and can clean a wide range. Generally, it can work for several hours when the power is full. Therefore, the ordinary home environment can be cleaned up all at once. Even if it can't be cleaned all at once, the sweeping robot will generally have an automatic charging function. When the power reaches the minimum limit, it can find a charging stand for charging by itself, and then continue to clean after charging.

3. The efficiency of the intelligent sweeping robot is high

Since the intelligent sweeping robot is smart, it will work well. For those missing garbage, it will come back to clean up. Or you can use remote control to make it select a specific mode and clean it back and forth, so the effect will be better. Sometimes there is too much garbage and blind spots will inevitably occur, but this does not mean that the cleaning efficiency is too low.

4. The noise of the floor sweeping robot is small when cleaning

As an automatic cleaning machine, the intelligent sweeping robot gathers garbage in front of the side broom, and then sucks into the dust box through the suction generated by the built-in fan of the machine. This is similar to a vacuum cleaner. Its suction power has a lot to do with the fan. The greater the suction power of the fan, the cleaner the garbage sucked by the sweeping robot, and of course the louder the noise. If you want to keep the noise down, you can only reduce the suction power, but the dust collection effect will also be reduced. So it still needs to be adjusted according to the usage.

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