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Good Robot Window Cleaner

Window cleaning robot, also known as automatic window glass cleaner, is a kind of intelligent household appliances. The electric window washer can firmly adsorb on the glass by virtue of its own vacuum pump or fan device at the bottom, and then automatically detect the corner distance of the window and plan the window cleaning path with the help of certain artificial intelligence. The automatic window glass cleaner will generally use the strength of its own adsorption on the glass to drive the rag at the bottom of the fuselage to wipe off the dirt on the glass.

Types of Robot Window Washer

There are two types of window pane cleaner, one is adsorbed by vacuum suction cup, and the other is adsorbed by fan. The vacuum suction cup electric window cleaner robot has high requirements for media. It needs a flat glass surface without obvious convex obstacles, and is only used on the glass surface. The electric glass cleaner adsorbed by the fan has slightly wider requirements for media as long as the media surface is flat (except for the glass surface, such as glass with stickers, frosted glass, marble media walls, ceramic tiles, etc.).

Window Cleaner On All Conditions

In modern cities, living in high-rise buildings can enjoy plenty of sunshine and condescending vision, but it also faces a headache, that is, high-risk window cleaning. Every year, there are unfortunate accidents of falling casualties due to high-rise window cleaning. The apartment automatic window washer escorts the more efficient and safer high-rise window cleaning, so that people can enjoy a better and more scientific and technological comfortable life. As a supplier of automatic window glass cleaner, we offer external window cleaner, indoor window cleaner, window cleaner for high windows and so on. If you want to buy good window glass cleaner, feel free to contact us.

Benefits of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

  • Save time and effort: if you use the electric window washer, you can do other things, clean the window and relax:

  • Cost saving: now the domestic cleaning glass in the market is charged according to the area and the number of glass. Taking a house of 60 square meters as an example, the one-time charge is no less than 100 yuan. Window cleaning devices can clean our own home, friends' and relatives' homes. We can benefit from one investment for life.

  • Safety and convenience: now there are more and more high-rise residential buildings, but the windows are dirty, and accidents may occur whether they are cleaned by themselves, while the window cleaning robot just sucks on the window and presses a few buttons.

  • Efficient and fast cleaning: the circular cleaning cloth of the window cleaning gadgets has good cleaning effect and fast speed, which is much higher than the general manual efficiency.

What Our Users Say About Window Cleaner

  • 1

    The product is over what I expected it can clean walls besides windows ,thanks for your effort I'm very appreciated

  • 2

    The product quality is very good, the logistics speed is quick, the service specialized ability is very strong.

  • 3

    This is a business I have been working with for a long time. The service is very good, the problem is solved in a timely manner, the products are all original and super!

  • 4

    This little robot works pretty well. it’s better than I anticipated. I found that on bigger windows it helped to spray the glass 8-10” ahead of its path and repeat as it made its way down.

  • 5

    Works actually pretty well, better then expected, and really easy to set up!

    Love that it comes with several sets of pads, we definenently needed them!

  • 6

    The most important thing to know is this is a corded window cleaner. Yes there is a battery you need to charge in order to use the robot as well as it must be plugged in to work. All the images appear as if this device won't need a cord when in use but that is simply not the case. There is also a safety cord to ensure that if the robot does loose suction it doesn't fall to the ground and break.

  • 7

    It is really a good thing to liberate your hands. There are a lot of mirror glass in my house. Every time I wipe the mirror, I need to climb a chair to clean the glass on it. After using this robot, I just put it on the glass and use the remote control to control it, and it will clean up and down by itself. I also use a watering can and glass cleaning water to moisten the membrane cloth and spray it on Let it wash on the glass. It can clean the glass very clean, there must be no traces and dirt.