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Proper Use of Cleaning Smart Robots: Don't Destroy Your Robots

Cleaning smart robots are small in size and smart in use. They are light and easy to use. It is a household cleaning tool that many people in modern times like to use. With the development of technology, cleaning smart robots have become more intelligent, so they have become increasingly popular. However, when using the cleaning smart robots, we still need to learn the proper way to use the robot, and some bad habits will affect the service life of the cleaning smart robots.

I. Clear away the obstacles in the using area

When using it, you should pay attention to the obstacles in the using area. If there are obvious nails on the ground, be careful. This kind of thing can easily jam the cleaning smart robot and cause the cleaning work to stop. If there are toys, a large number of newspapers, books, etc. in the area, they should be cleared away. Clear away your cables or wires scattered on the ground. Although most cleaning smart robots companies claim that their robots are able to handle a room full of patch panels, you should believe that if the robot sucks one end of the cord, it can only be broken.

II. Avoid soft items

Pay attention to your curtains, bed sheets, sofa covers and other soft items. All things on the ground should be cleared away when the robot vacuum with uv sterilization is working. If one of those things are sucked in by the cleaning smart robot, you will face more complicated housework.

III. Control the light

When the robots are working, draw the curtains to avoid a too-bright room. The cleaning smart robots have light-controlled sensors. If they are put under the strong light, they are likely to become misfunctioned.

IV. Pay attention to the dust box

Don't think that the floor cleaning vacuum robot can clean all the rooms at once without paying attention to it. Maybe it has just worked in half a room and the dust box is full.

V. Prevent the cleaning smart robots form falling

If your cleaning smart robot does not have the anti-falling function, please pay attention to the stairs of your house, and be careful of it rushing down, resulting in the scattered garbage on the ground.

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