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Tips for Purchasing the Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Ⅰ. The principle of the dust cleaner for home

Household vacuum cleaners use the fan impeller under the high-speed drive of the motor. The leaves in the impeller continue to work on the air, so that the air in the impeller obtains kinetic energy and is discharged to the fan at a very high rate. In addition, the air in the dust removal part in front of the fan constantly fills the air in the impeller, resulting in an instantaneous vacuum in the dust removal part. After passing through the filter inside the vacuum cleaner, garbage and dust are left in the ash storage box, and the air is filtered and then discharged to the vacuum cleaner to enter the room, and the entire dust removal process is completed.

Most people are familiar with vacuum cleaners. When a large vacuum cleaner is inconvenient to use, a hand stick vacuum cleaner is a quick device. It is small in size, light in net weight, and convenient to use. So which brands of handheld vacuum cleaners are good, and what are the buying tips?

Ⅱ. Tips for buying a hand stick vacuum cleaner

1. Like other electrical appliances, the design and manufacturing of vacuum cleaners are relatively complete. The current high-quality handheld vacuum cleaner is a very cost-effective product.

2. The appearance of the hand-held vacuum cleaner is designed to be fashionable and trendy, and the color tones are better. When inspecting the appearance of a handheld vacuum cleaner, attention should be paid to the external materials and manufacturing standards. Try to buy a small hand-held vacuum cleaner with firm materials, no odors and scratches, and a level and symmetrical at each interface.

3. The power of the dust cleaner for home is low. When purchasing a handheld vacuum cleaner, the recommended power is about 800W. Such power should be sufficient for general household cleaning.

4. Application environment

The selected product should be able to be used in a variety of places and natural environments, such as walls, bookcases, carpets, household appliances, floors, clothes, etc., and can easily clean up hair, daily garbage, etc.; separate type The design of our mop and vacuum for hardwood floors can be easily disassembled and assembled, and it occupies a small indoor space; the power switch is light and portable, and the function is powerful; the ergonomic design rocker is more in line with the ergonomic standing posture, and the dead corner cleaning can be completed without lowering the head; Disassemble the HEPE filter, sterilize and remove mites, purify and treat the air, and reasonably prevent secondary pollution.

When choosing a handheld vacuum cleaner, it is natural to choose products of big brands as much as possible. Such products have good quality and high reputation.

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