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Tips of Avoiding Buying Bad Automatic Window Cleaner

1. What is an automatic window cleaner?

In recent years, the safety problem of high-altitude work has attracted more and more attention, I believe that many friends who live in high-rise housing will have the following confusion: every year before the cleaning, always found that the outside glass of windows is difficult to wipe. By the end of the year, people living in high-rise housing will find that the dust has banked up a lot and it is dirty.

If you can't help opening the window to wipe, you can only wipe a portion, and then you'll find that half the clean and half the dust after wiping is more unsightly; if you wait for estate management to uniformly arrange for cleaners to clean, you may worry about the risks of workers working at hight; and households living on higher floors are more expensive to hire for housekeeping, so cleaning windows becomes a time-consuming and dangerous chore.

But now do not have to worry, with an automatic window cleaner robot, these problems can be solved. It changed our traditional window-cleaning mode, saving time, effort, and worry; you can clean the Windows at any time. It's very convenient. Automatic window cleaner is a kind of intelligent household appliance, which can be regarded as a cleaning robot combined with the sweeping robot and window cleaning.

It is the use of their strong adsorption of glass windows, which drives the machine's rags to wipe off the dirt from glass windows.

2. The working principle of automatic window cleaner.

The glass cleaning robot uses a vacuum pump at the bottom of itself or ventilator, then securely adsorbs it to the window glass by creating an air pressure difference in internal and external, and then relies on artificial intelligence to automatically detect the corner distance of the window and plan the path of wiping the window.

3. What should be paid attention to when choosing an automatic window cleaner

1) The safety of adsorption capacity

Most automatic window cleaners are used for high-altitude operations, and their safety is the primary consideration. Pay attention to the relevant parameters when buying, it is safer than the corresponding adsorption capacity should be at least 3 times more than the weight of the fuselage. But the corresponding proportion should not be too large, because the automatic window cleaner relies on motor adsorption, its adsorption will affect the noise.

2) Choose according to brands

Choose a brand with a good reputation, and its products will be more reliable in terms of safety, technology, and quality.

3) Choose according to the size of the glass window

When purchasing, pay attention to whether the minimum applicable area of the automatic window cleaner itself meets the requirements.

4) Choose according to the flatness of the window glass surface

The adsorption principle of automatic window cleaner has vacuum adsorption and fan adsorption. If the windows of the home have a flat glass surface, it is suitable for automatic window cleaner with vacuum adsorption principle or fan adsorption principle; but if the window of the home is flat frosted glass or sticker glass, then only can choose the automatic window cleaner with fan adsorption principle.

5) The window cleaning cloth should be soft

The softer the cleaning cloth on the automatic window cleaner, the better the fit with the glass window and the better the cleaning effect.

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