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What is a Qualified Automatic Window Washer?

1. Automatic window washer solves the problem of window cleaning

Living on a high-rise floor has many advantages, such as sufficient light, good visibility, and few mosquitoes, but the fly in the ointment is that the glass cannot be wiped. After a long time, the dust gather on the window and looked very disgusting from a distance. It is laborious to clean, but it is more expensive to ask someone to clean it, and you need to be responsible for your safety. Automatic window washer can solve these problems well, so how to choose an excellent window cleaner?

2. What is a qualified automatic window washer?

1) Safe enough and worry-free

The adsorption method determines the safety factor of the automatic window washer. The suction cups of window cleaners are roughly divided into two types: one is a pure vacuum and the other is semi-vacuum. Pure vacuum is to use a vacuum pump to directly remove the bottom air to form a vacuum environment. Just like vacuuming food, the food and the packet are pressed together in an instant. Unless the packet is broken, you can never open it. It's super tight.

The biggest advantage of this kind of adsorption is that the requirements for the medium are not so high. For example, ceramic tiles with gaps, countertops with dust accumulation, or small windows can all be easily cleaned. It can also automatically identify areas with serious stains and wipe them several times.

The round automatic window cleaner belongs to this type. The double suction cups are great. It moves freely like a gecko, and even the dirt on the corners will be cleaned up.

The semi-vacuum is a vacuum layer formed by the wind resistance inside the machine, just like the resistance when you reach out on a highway. The adsorption capacity of this robot is equally excellent, but the requirements for the medium are relatively high, it requires absolute smooth, no gaps, no heavy pollution areas, or strike immediately. Generally use the square machine and the cleaning method is mostly straight walking.

In addition to the adsorption method, the anti-fall rope is also a guaranteed item for the automatic window washer. When the host machine is working at high altitudes, the anti-fall rope ties it down indoors and can also make you more at ease. Therefore, the quality of the anti-falling rope must be excellent. Generally speaking, the quality of the rope is arranged according to the weight of the machine.

2) Clean enough, pure windows and good mood

The glass cleaning robot uses artificial intelligence technology. It carries out path planning with automatic navigation and edge exploration, using the strength of the machine to adsorb on the glass to drive the cleaning cloth at the bottom of the fuselage to wipe watermark stains on the glass.

3) Convenient enough, housework becomes fun in seconds

About the noise, the performance of most window cleaners is acceptable, it is about the same as the decibels of two people chatting in close quarters.

Secondly, the weight of the fuselage is also worth considering. Round machines are generally light, it is easy to pick up and store. With remote control, not only allows you to wash wherever you point but also can master the walking path, spray mode, dry and wet mode with one button.

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