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Where Can Cleaning Smart Robot Be Used: is the Floor of Your House Usable?

I believe that everyone is familiar with the cleaning smart robot. It is a new high-tech vacuum cleaner product that has been welcomed and loved by consumers since its launch. The reason behind that is that it can completely replace us as a labor force. And generally, the appearance of the cleaning smart robot is very stylish and exquisite, like a piece of art.  Today, let's introduce in what areas the robot can be applied and whether it can be used in your home or not.

I. The system of cleaning smart robots

The cleaning smart robot is equipped with a computing system, 21 sensors and an automatic spiral navigation system. The robot can use these systems to measure the size of the entire room and clean up every corner. We can also set it up by ourselves so that it can avoid obstacles such as stairs and furniture, and it will not fall when placed on the table.

II. The dust brush of the cleaning smart robot

The dust brush of the automatic carpet cleaner robot is used to improve the efficiency of the robot cleaner. The suction port and the trash box are not connected with each other.

III. In what areas the cleaning smart robot can be applied

An cleaning smart robot is generally used in relatively clean places, such as homes, computer rooms, offices, etc. It can clean many types of floors. Some are used for wooden floors, tiles, marbles, carpets, carpets, concrete floors, etc. can be cleaned with the robot. Generally, it can be used for floors that are relatively flat.

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